MOD engineering is a spin-off built by a group of managers and technical experts who worked for decades in the market of prefabricated modular solutions, across a broad spectrum of applications (on-shore, off-shore, fields, LER & technology modules etc.).

Just because of this proven expertise (and the reputation of the company in which we acquired it), leader companies do consider ourselves as one of their partners and "fellow travelers".

We work on a wide range of products and services in different applications fields, such as Oil&Gas On-Shore and Off-Shore, Power Generation, Prefabricated Module for Logistic and plant facilities, Passive Cooling Shelters, Living and Service Quarters as well as Customisation of Local Equipment Rooms.

Product are built under clients specifications using proven materials and technologies, in order to ensure customer’s satisfaction even in extreme environmental and hazardous critical installation with guarantee of long operating life.

MOD engineering guaranty ordinary and extraordinary installation, management and maintenance of:
  • Buildings and finishings;
  • Air conditioning and heating facilities, heat management;
  • Hydro-sanitary facilities and water distribution systems;
  • Electric, telephone and telematic facilities;
  • Safety and fire-prevention systems;